WWII on the front page:  the world reacts to Germany’s invasion of Poland, September 1939

Germany | Völkischer Beobachter | September 2nd
Title: The German march continues to be successful on all fronts
Subtitle: Our war machines over Warsaw
Below: No German bombing of civilians  

Holland| Algemeen Handelsblad | September 2nd
Title: French-British ultimatum: No answer from Berlin
Subtitle: There is no war:  say Germany
Below: Warsaw hit with bombs yesterday

Italy| L’Osservatore Romano | September 2nd
Title: This morning a conflict erupted between Germany and Poland
Subtitle: What does the government in Berlin demand. Statements from Hitler and Mościcki.  Reichstag’s declaration. Lack of calls for help from abroad. Ground fighting and bombing. Call for parliaments to mobilization.
Italy announces it will not take part in any military conflict. 

France| La Croix | September 2nd
Title: Germany attacks Poland. France mobilizing its powers
Subtitle: House of Parliament called to meet - Exceptional circumstances in 89 French departments, in Belfort and Algeria
Below: Military action commenced throughout the German-Polish border. Warsaw and many other cities bombed.

Portugal| Jornal de Noticias | September 2nd Headline: European Drama
Title: Yesterday morning a military conflict began between Poland and Germany
Subtitle: German air force bombed several Polish cities, Warsaw and  Gdynia.  The Reich army attacked from three sides: Eastern Prussia, Silesia and Slovakia.  

Romania| Timpul | September 2nd
Title: Military action has begun
Subtitle: Fighting along the Polish-German border. Mobilization in England and France.
Below: The German army will fight with utmost energy, proclaims Hitler
- The whole nation stands together to fight until victory, says Mościcki

Soviet Union | Izwiestia | September 1st
Title: The ratification of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact
Subtitle: Statement of comrade Molotov at the meeting of the Supreme Council of the USSR from August 31st, 1939

Great Britain | Daily Express | September 1st
Headline: German-Soviet pact is ratified.
Then, within 20 minutes Hitler drops a radio bombshell:
Title: ‘I consider my terms have been rejected’
Below:  16 points: return of Danzing at once

USA | Chicago Daily Tribune | September 1st
Title: Europe’s war is on
Subtitle: France and Britain mobilize to aid Poland. Italy wavers
Article below (on the left): Poles report attack by Nazi planes, troops
Article below (on the right): Germany takes Danzig, Navy blockades Gdynia  (source)

Were you proud of me, father? Proud of your son?
Were you proud of me, father? Proud of your son?

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